Polly Heard

My youngest son, Jackson, was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma nearly 2 years ago. I remember driving home from the pediatricians office thinking “what in the world am I going to feed this child?”. With three boys in the house I couldn’t even imagine eliminating GLUTEN, DAIRY and EGG from our kitchen.
A few months ago, a local deli began carrying Senza Glutine gluten free pizza crusts. After trying them, I was hooked.  This YUMMY gluten free pizza crust instantly became a welcomed staple in our home! No joke, we use the gluten free crust to replace nearly all BREAD items, not just pizza crusts. Jackson has branded them as “his pizza bottoms” to the neighborhood friends and guests. The kids especially like them toasted with sunflower butter and raisins for snack-time. No doubt Senza Glutine is onto something great with their gluten free options. I highly recommend them!

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